India in the spotlight

Indian talent is respected across the world, occupying some of the top posts in very prominent companies in the world, including showing their caliber at NASA and Silicon Valley, apart from India being the back office and R&D center for reputed fortune 500 companies . Post Liberalization, India burst upon the world stage when it became the back office of the World and then proceeded to take the mantle of the IT capital of the world.

India the second most populous country, with a burgeoning middle class, a booming young population with millions of new graduates entering into the workforce every year. India since Liberalization has slowly and steadily been climbing the ladder of progress, becoming one of the most promising developing economies in the world.

The ability of a country for progress is not just related to good governance, policies, world economic indicators, but also on the ability of its educational institutions to provide a productive talent to the industry which can then capitalize on the same to drive growth.

Going Forward

All the indicators do indicate that India has “quite” a bit of catching up to do , but the government on its own may not be able to get things rolling with the quantum of change that is required to be brought . It will also require external effort in terms of the private effort with a major role being played by startups driving innovation in the education space. The way is long and arduous, but the ball is already rolling and India has no option but to catch up and move ahead, nothing else will do.

Where we see ourselves

In keeping with this changing environment, we at ThinkersPOD consulting services have decided to dedicate our effort to not only provide products in the educational space but also enable the educational institutions enhance value through nurturing “learning” unique minds .

We at ThinkersPOD Consulting Services are committed to continually develop and better our offerings taking into account the evolving educational landscape to ensure relevance at all times .

We subscribe to the view of ongoing and continual improvement , apart from keeping our minds open to various innovations in the field of education ,in our endeavor to provide products that provide value to our clients . We currently have two products in our portfolio and are working to expand the same .

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