The Need

The dynamics of the relationships that we shared with our family, our colleagues and our friends have off late had perceptible shift. Time has become one of the most precious commodities apart from money, both for us and for others. This has caused us to either ignore , divert or even look to for quick fix solutions that often do not work at least when it comes to the long term .

We often get frustrated and let things get out of hand, often wondering why people in our family or in the outside world behave the way they do and why do we have to face such circumstances .Can there be no way out or is that the way it should be .

The Situation

The questions that we have seem to have no end, and some even question the fundamental core beliefs of our existence, with many of us becoming overtly pessimistic towards life. Let us take a few examples to illustrate such scenarios that we normally face in our lives.

Child – Parent Relationship

We would like to take the example of the relationship between a child and its parent. For a parent the moment the child is born, the feeling of responsibility sets in, towards it welfare and its future. It is often our wish that the child has the most ideal childhood, but alas that cannot be so, nature and circumstances intervene. The rapid changes in our lifestyle, the surrounding environment, paucity of resources (time and money) complicates the relationship not just within the family but with others as well.

The Parent could have a hyperactive child, not interested in studies, overly aggressive and lacking social skills. In most instances, often the school, having no ways to cope with such children, leaves it upon the parents to search for the solution. This affects the parents, who are pained that their child has to endure such a situation. The interaction within the family and their environment does undergo a considerable change which brings on a lot of stress. We normally look outside for help to friends , colleagues , parents , professionals So, do such situations not need a solution or are things meant to be as is.

The situations could develop in different relationships across regions and relationships, but the underlying factor is always “YOU “. The fact of the matter remains that whatever happens , needs to be done by “ YOU” alone because if you do not , your life becomes someone else’s canvas and you lose the initiative , not just to “grow” but to “grow to your potential “ .

The Solution

The answer lies within us and “always “within us and has been known to man across cultures for thousands of years. The concept of “Atmanam Vidhi “or “Know Thyself “in the Upanishads is universal across all cultures.

As per our interpretation, the more we know about ourselves, we become calmer and focused, in our interactions , which makes finding solutions more easier leading to a less stressed and a happy life .

Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test is a tool which helps “YOU” to understand what you are , giving you the “clarity” to go ahead and face life and its challenges in any way they come .

D.M.I.T (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test):

The DMIT report is combination of the Science of Dermatoglyphics and the Theory of Multiple Intelligence. The DMIT report is a very “important “tool, for people across ages, to gain a better understanding into chapters of their lives that they had never knew existed . This Report opens your eyes to “YOU” and your “POTENTIAL “, opening up new avenues for growth.

Dermatoglyphics a Science

Dermatoglyphics, can be split into two words, i.e. “Derma” which means skin and “Glyphic” which means patterns on the skin .Dermatoglyphics as a word was coined quite recently in the 20th century by Dr.Harold Cummins, who is known as the father of “Dermatoglyphics “ , who managed to collate and converge the diverse research done by scientists from the early late 18th century to the 20th century. Scientists have always been fascinated with “Dermatoglyphics “ and this has led to its use in the field of “ Criminal Psychology “, “ Forensic Science “ , “ Medicine” ,”Anthropology “ and now even in “Education” .

The Theory of Multiple Intelligence

Dr.Howard Gardner, a professor in Cognition and Education at the Harvard School of Business was the one who bought out this theory when he published his first book “Frames of Mind “in 1983.

He is regarded as one of the top 100 Influential people of the 21st Century, a winner of many prestigious awards, an author of more than 21 books on the subject. The irony of the matter is that he had never meant the theory for Education, but it literally took the world by storm and we now have many educational institutes working on this theory, providing students the much needed encouragement to uncover their potential and grow.

The theory in all it simplicity states that for a fact today’s education system only checks the IQ of a student , which essentially categorizes the entire population based on just two intelligence's which are biased towards a specific type of students , whereas neglecting the immense potential and “other” intelligence's that exist . He is also a staunch oppose of labeling the children as “ dumb “ or “ smart “ and believes that every child is unique and has the potential if nourished properly . The theory he put forth identified 8 intelligence's which each human possesses but in different measure. Many scholars and educationists have furthered his theory now and have enriched it it many ways, providing children, teachers and parents the opportunity to nourish the inherent potential in the children. 


For Students /Schools:
  • Improve Academic Learning Potential.
  • Identify  his/her inborn  talents, strengths  and  weaknesses 
  • Identify  best  learning style  for  your  child
  • Understand  your  child’s  natural  character traits
  • Subject and  educational  stream  selection 
  • Reduce time,  money,  effort  wasted over irrelevant  course  & classes
  • Use the  right parenting/teaching method on your child
  • Improve communication and relationship with children.
  • Schools  can do it for their Teachers also , this will improve their communication and enhance the ability to understand the children and their behavior allowing for better academic learning environment .

For Fresh Graduates / Professionals: 

  • Identify  his/her inborn  talents, strengths  and  weaknesses
  • Discover  your  own  abilities and  choose right  career  path or take up an alternate career path.
  • Identify  and  develop  your  core  competencies.
  • Understand  your  Personality  traits,  Values  and  Characteristics.
  • Improve  your  relationship , better  communication  in your professional and personal life.
  • Identify  the  most  suitable  learning  and  leadership  styles
  • Better understanding of oneself with a detailed Multiple Intelligence matrix profile.
  • ·Better understanding of EQ/IQ/CQ and above all the Adversity Quotient or AQ which provide valued inputs for your professional and personal relationships.

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