Mobile Telephony –Significance in School Communications.


The rate at which the Indian Smartphone Market is growing , more than China's 109% and is expected to cross 1.3 Billion Subscribers by 2020 

The amount of time an average Indian spends on his/her phone . The Mobile has as such become an indispensable tool and indeed a necessity with growth both in rural and urban regions .  

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Accessing Information 

School Websites are important sources of information, but is it an effective mode of communication, all parents may not have a computer at home with internet connection but they do have a smart handheld device that can access the school information from anywhere through the mobile app of the school.

Normally most guardians feel to go to their child’s school to have a check on their child’s improvement but in most of the times they discover themselves reeling under professional pressure or work stress and naturally they forget about their child. Now thanks to these mobile apps they can be constantly in touch and being up-to-date with whatever is going on in the school. 

The “ItzMyskool “Mobile App is simple and effective tool for communication from School to Parents. The School environment and the current communication options, require constant clarification of information which puts undue stress on the teachers, parents and the students. 

A Mobile App essentially ensures a single point of dissemination of information in relation to the child’s studies and performance with a potential for upgrades and features that can make the life of the Teachers and Parents far easier.

The “ItzMyskool” app provides information in a single interface, for use and reference at any point of time, ensuring updated information to the parents strengthening the bond between the School and the Parents. 


Benefits to the Schools  

  • Multilingual App ( English , Hindi, Marathi and Arabic ) 
  • Cost effective, Easy to use tool for communication with Parents and Students.
  • Principal/Management can communicate with the entire school or specific class/ group easily.
  • Reaching Parents becomes easy for conveying any message like new initiatives, thoughts of the day, spreading awareness of any social cause etc.
  • Teachers can upload assignments; send specific instructions or messages to single/multiple students. This will help in saving time and paper resulting in cost saving.
  • In case of emergencies, Parents can be notified immediately.
  • Communication is through app, No extra charges for messaging making it very cost effective.
  • A Single channel of information delivery, being more reliable and cost –effective delivery mechanism compared to paper handouts, text or emails.

Benefits to Parents

  • Ensures quick and immediate delivery to Parents.
  • Parents get direct information from School/teacher on assignments/projects reducing chances of miscommunication.
  • Smart phone based app, easy to understand for all.
  • Parents are always connected with the school. Helps in case of emergencies.
  • Parents get clear instructions for Assignments and Homework, reducing the need to clarify from the wards classmates and their parents.
  • Parent can view the progress of the student as Scores are traceable.
  • Parents can track the attendance of the student.
  • Parents are well aware of the events in the school, holidays,etc ,which will help them in planning their schedules on the go.

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